Workshop: digital trust infrastructure

21/11/2019 - 12:23

An independent and open digital trust infrastructure, case study The Netherlands. How do we get there?

The key question of how to safeguard (digital) autonomy has no simple answer. The time to act is now. It is necessary to act ‘now’ in order to continue to make the most of the benefits of technology without jeopardizing individual autonomy. It would be wise to limit the monopoly position of large organizations, the digital platforms, and to strengthen the position of the individual, while this is still possible. This will require a concerted effort, including at the international level.

Read more:
Data makes the world go round; Proposal for research into three policy instruments designed to strengthen (digital) autonomy
The white paper (Dunnen et al., 2019) can serve as a starting point

Workshop by Theo Veltman, Rainmaker Innovation/Program manager gemeente Amsterdam and Rob van Kranenburg (NGI Forward)

Thursday December 12, 14-16:30h