What is the Daptly Display?

23/03/2017 - 14:08

It is a smart, gesture and voice controlled display that manages your life and seamlessly blends beauty and technology into your home or office.

Personal Assistants are seeing increased adoption in all  demographics. According to the 2017 Accenture  Digital Consumer Survey, 46% of US consumers are using voice-enabled digital assistants, and 70% of people aged 18-34 are either already using or are interested in using a voice assistant. However,  consumers can get frustrated with a voice only interface  that provides no visual responses or cues.  We believe that digital assistants should be able to not only speak answers to you, but should have a  display to show better information and more intuitive  instructions to make the experience easier and more  satisfying.

Please feel free to reach out to

press at daptly.com

with any questions.