WEAR Sustain: closed loop smart atheleisure fashion

20/09/2017 - 10:01

A closed loop smart athleisure fashion collection based on previous work of Marina Toeters and Margreet de Kok. Via 3 iterations they developed a smart shirt that continuously measures the wearers’ key vital signals based on Holst Centre’s advanced printed sensor technologies on flexible substrates for textile integration. The laminated sensors are truly wearable, comfortable, robust, invisible during use, washable up to 25 cycles, and designed for unobtrusive integration in conventional fashion production. Unfortunately market pull is still hardly there.

This closed loop system is an innovative approach in the field of wearable technology as, till now, there is not too much research available on afterlife of electronic garments and potential recyclability.

By introducing reuse of the electronic components and garments in the service model we foresee to contribute to solving some of the environmental (1) issues of wearables. With this service model we also anticipate to develop a sustainable economic model (6) by decreasing the cost of ownership of
the sensor functionality by multiple usages. With this economic model we fund the development of more caring and supportive garments and contribute to a stronger and more environmentally responsible garment industry.