W. David Stephenson: SmartStuff, introducing the IoT to lay audiences

6/07/2012 - 13:35

SmartStuff, a new e-book, "introduces the public and executives to the “The Internet of Things,” (IoT) which promises to change every aspect of our lives in this decade, yet is unknown to most people. SmartStuff: an introduction to the Internet of Things, by data strategist and futurist W. David Stephenson, explains the second major phase of the Internet, in which the number of human users will be dwarfed by the number of cell phones, remote sensors and devices connected by the Internet.

SmartStuff includes sections on the Internet of Things’ history; the underlying technology; examples of current IoT devices from around the world; a scenario for IoT-based daily life as early as 2017; and issues, especially security and personal privacy, that must be addressed before it becomes commonplace. It includes an extensive set of questions for executives to determine if their companies are ready to capitalize on the IoT, and criticizes the Obama Administration for lack of an IoT strategy. SmartStuff is believed to be the first IoT introduction aimed at the public."