Vinayak Dalmia & Rajneil Kamath: Why India needs a ministry of future

At this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos, Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of American cloud computing firm, SalesForce, argued that every country should have a minister of future.

“As a society,” Benioff said, “we are entering uncharted territory, a new world in which governments, business leaders, the scientific community and citizens need to work together to define the paths that direct these technologies at improving the human condition and minimising the risks.”
To help prepare, Sweden already has a minister of future issues, strategy and cooperation, with a mandate to think about the very long term, and the Scandinavian nation’s place in that future. Korea isn’t far behind either, with its ministry of science, ICT and future planning. Many other countries have similar bodies.

With the world’s eyes firmly set on India, how are we as a country preparing for the future?

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