Veronica Jurkiewicz: Internet of Things Will Help You Create the Perfect

If you ever wanted to impress your friends with a perfect Cosmopolitan, but were too intimidated by the ingredient list and the possibility of messing up the proportions, fear no longer. The Absolut Company and Perfect Company are coming to the rescue with their new partnership.

All you need is a Perfect Drink Smart Scale, an app and a bottle of vodka to recreate your favorite drinks in seconds. The scale which connects with your mobile device via Bluetooth weighs each ingredient’s pour in real time and The Perfect Drink app alerts you when to stop pouring. In case your hand gets a little shaky and you pour too generously, the app will adjust the other ingredients instantly, so you can still enjoy a perfectly balanced drink. And if you have a group of friends waiting impatiently for their next round, you can program the scale to make a whole pitcher at once.