Vera Kozyr: Atmotube: On Indiegogo: The Portable Air Pollution Monitor

13/11/2015 - 09:12

Atmotube constantly monitors air pollution in real time, detecting the presence of a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases, like Carbon Monoxide (CO). It alerts you when your environment is not safe.

Why should I use Atmotube?

People don’t realize how what’s in the air might affect our health. But there are potential dangers -- carbon monoxide for instance. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen when you breathe in even small amounts of the gas, causing terrible headaches and dizziness. And there are also volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde and benzene. Over time, exposure to carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, liver and brain damage, and even cancer. Most people don't find out they've been exposed to toxic air until it's too late, so we decided to create a beautiful and functional object that can seamlessly become part of your life, alerting you to potential danger in the air.