TotalEU Production: How should Europe react to the new boom in cryptocurrency?

During the roundtable discussion, we will cover cryptocurrency regulation, user protection, legal, security and protection challenges; define the regulatory system demand and recommended governance model that would be particularly adapted to the implementation of safe and sustainable conditions for the wider public adoption of cryptocurrencies in the EU.

The event will be hosted by MEPs Sorin Moisa (EPP) and Eva Kaili (S&D) and will bring together experts on blockchain technology in order to present and discuss the cryptocurrency development, use cases and future adoption in the European Union. The discussion will be animated by Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit – Startups and Innovation, DG CONNECT, Raf Ganseman, Blockchain Lead, CGI, Natan Avidan, Founder, ORCA Alliance, Jeremy Gardner, Founder, Augur, Tadas Langaitis, Member of the Lithuanian Parliament, Sarah Compani, Legal Advisor, Bitfinex, Craig Sellars, Co-Founder & CTO, Tether, Jorn Erbguth, Legal Expert, Anastasija Plotnikova, Legal Adviser, ETHLend, Martins Liberts, Co-Founder, Debitum Network, Marius Parescius, Initiator, Business Hive Vilnius, and Dmitrij Radin, Co-owner, CryptoAd Network, amongst others.

ORCA Alliance together with EU40 – the network of young MEPs will be gathering together blockchain developers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, profe

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