Tomas Diez: The very first digital fabrication innovation contest!

The very first digital fabrication innovation contest! Being organised by the Fab Foundation in collaboration with the World Bank and USAID.
Distributed and collaborative fabrication has been spreading over the world in recent years. From Nairobi to Amsterdam, and from Tokyo to Lima, Fab Labs, MakerSpaces, HackerSpaces and other facilities are providing access to technology for people to innovate and create solutions and projects which are changing realities locally and globally.
The Global Fab Awards is an initiative designed to raise awareness of the innovation within the Fab Lab, MakerSpace and HackerSpace community. We hope to achieve this by collecting the best and most life-changing projects that have been recently developed. Selected projects will then be exhibited in Barcelona, and put together in a publication, giving them and their creators exposure on a worldwide stage at the FAB10 Conference in Barcelona this July.