Tom Taulli: Andreessen Horowitz, Che Guevara And Changing the World


Source: "...But data is not just about corporations. The opportunity also extends well into the consumer space. “People are accumulating large amounts of data across sites like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and Pinterest,” said John (O'Farell). “But the data is in silos because sites do not always play well together. Just look at Twitter cutting off Instagram, for example.”
This is where IFTTT comes in. The company makes it much easier to combine different web services, without having to be a coder. It’s all done by using publicly available APIs. “I see big growth for the company because of the emergence of the ‘Internet of things,” said John. “This is when we will have connections with cars, sound systems and even refrigerators. Consumers will expect all these things to talk to each other.”
Yes, it’s kind of a utopian world after all — and so expect lots of radical changes ahead. Oh, and it’s something Che somehow would have liked very much."

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