A third way, in between GAFA and. China: Join us on Friday 22 March at the European Parliament for an exciting afternoon of talks and bold ideas

Join us on Friday 22 March at the European Parliament for an exciting afternoon of talks and bold ideas  about the future of the internet: how can we build an internet and connected world that is more democratic, inclusive and resilient for all?

During this event, we will also launch a compilation  of radical new visions for the internet, by both leading and emerging thinkers and artists from Europe and beyond. This event is organised by the NGI Move, EU Engineroom and recently launched NGI Forward projects.

This March marks the thirtieth anniversary of the World Wide Web. As we reflect on its history, we must also take the opportunity to think about what we want the future of the web, the internet and everyday life in a connected world, to look like. The internet has undoubtedly brought us a lot of good over the past decades, but its astronomical impact has not always led to the betterment of society. Power over our data is concentrated in the hands of very few players and new technologies are creating cracks in our democracies. We find ourselves stuck between two dominant models: the monopolistic corporate-led internet of Silicon Valley and large-scale government surveillance systems of Beijing.

Can we now come up with a third narrative, where citizens and communities are in control and can determine their own future?

The Next Generation Internet initiative, the European Commission’s ambitious new flagship programme which seeks to build an internet that’s more inclusive, resilient and democratic by the end of the decade, offers and opportunity for Europe to take charge of shaping such a new narrative. This event is part of a longer series part of the NGI in which we think about the kind of future internet we would like to see. 

Confirmed speakers:

  • Rob van Kranenburg, Founder, IoT Council
  • Katja Bego, Senior researcher, Nesta, Coordinator NGI Forward and EU Engineroom
  • Marietje Schaake, Member of European Parliament (D66/ALDE) Foreign Affairs Trade and Tech
  • Ragnar Bergstrom, DG Connect, European Commission
  • Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam
  • Julie Dawson, Head of Regulation and Policy, Yoti
  • Manon den Dunnen, Trust Frameworks, Police Innovation and Sensemakers
  • Cassie Robinson, Head of Digital Grant Making, Big Lottery Fund
  • Paul Keller, COMMUNIA Association
  • Alek Tarkowski, President Centrum Cyfrowe and Public Lead, Creative Commons Poland
  • Sophie Bloemen, Co-Director, Commons Network
  • Delfina van Ditmar Fantini, Tutor/Research Design Products Programme, Royal College of Arts, London
  • Fabrizio Sestini, Senior Expert for Digital Social Innovation, European Commission DG Connect
  • Peter Baeck, Head, Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, Nesta
  • Marta Arniani, Founder, Futurible

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