Teletimes International: A three-fold look at IoT (Toby Ruckert interviewer)

IoT council members discuss the industry’s current challenges, growth areas and the future use cases of IoT that will improve lives at large.


  • Amit Singh – Chief Operations Officer, YUPS
  • Muni Prabaharan – Global IoT Expert – Thought Leader
  • Ashissh Raichura – CEO, Scanbo
  • Ragil.C.T – CEO & Founder, E Lab Technologies
  • Miguel Rodriguez – CEO, MTOM Consulting

Interviewer: Toby Ruckert, CEO – Unified Inbox and Global IoT Thought Leader

Which IoT verticals are set to face the quickest growth?

Miguel Rodrigues: An exponential growth of sensors, actuators and devices is expected in the next decade following a hardware decrease on unit costs that will horizontally impact the entire industry in general – simultaneously consumers will rapidly become more open and exigent with the benefits of connected devices on everything around them in daily life and because of this shift in the way we will live due to the impact of technology, the verticals where IoT had to face the quickest growth will be the areas closer to the consumer representing the biggest challenge for large manufacturers. For example, electronics, home appliance, automotive industry, smart cities and urban environment and retail or consumer services. In the last quarter of the next decade the growth of cognitive connected devices will bring the IoT technology to an even more advanced level where artificial intelligence will definitely transform the IoT industry.



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