TBL at CloudFest 2021 (register now)

18/03/2021 - 10:43

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee's concept for a network based on servers, links, and browsers - the WorldWideWeb (www.) - was convincing. .A holistic system that revolutionized Internet use and provided a space for global exchange! How can we optimize and properly network the untapped potential of computers connected to each other via the Internet? Despite some setbacks, he eventually succeeded in creating the 3 most significant technologies of the Web: HTML, URL and HTTP.
After the first website was made available to everyone, the WorldWideWeb and its spread was unstoppable. Since then, the power of this development has determined and controlled every process, even in the private lives of individuals, and has changed our entire way of thinking.
The background to this great story and even deeper insights will be told by Sir Tim Berners-Lee himself at CloudFest 2021 - an exclusive interview with the man of the Internet revolution should definitely be entered in everyone's diary!

Many other highlight speakers will ensure a content marathon at this year's CloudFest! For more information.

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