@Tagitsmart: New Business models and Product Passports.

One of TagitSmart’s bottlenecks is the quantity, quality and granularity of data shared among all stakeholders, public, private and personal.  In Data sharing and analytics drive success with IoT. Creating Business Value With the Internet of Things, Stephanie Jernigan, Sam Ransbotham, and David Kiron, state “We found that obtaining business value using the connections the IoT creates between an organization and its customers, suppliers, and competitors depends on companies’ willingness to share data with other organizations.”

This leads the European Environmental Bureau (EEB)  in their text Circular Economy Package 2.0:, Some ideas to complete the circle (March 2015) to the conclusion: “Inadequate information passed on from one business to another on what resources a product contains and how it can be repaired or recycled is hindering efforts to improve resource efficiency. To tackle this barrier, the use of a ’product passport’ should be explored.”

See pdf report below.

See Open Call 3 

In Open Call 3, we are targeting two very specific areas and applications: industial internet (IIoT, Industry 4.0) and innovative and opportunistic concepts and models that should facilitate and hasten a European product passport.

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