Sudha Jamthe: IoT Disruptions 2020: Getting to the Connected World of 2020 with Deep Learning IoT

This book is Sudha Jamthe's limited edition, special tribute to her Stanford IoT Business class students, the future IoT Business Makers of 2020. As you flip the pages of this book, you step into a magical world of inspiration into what will be the world landscape in 2020. The connected world of 2020 will offer new ways of living with Smart super markets, Digital Health, change and growth in Industries – Auto, Oil and Gas, Consumer Home, Connected Car, Connected Cities, Textile, Shipping, Logistics and Manufacturing. There is a practical chapter on issues of privacy and insurance disruptions with Auto, Healthcare, Property and Life using data from connected wearables, smart cars, connected home and factories and algorithms advising us in future. The central focus of this book is about adding intelligence to IoT devices by 2020 using Machine Learning and Deep Learning and Algorithms to create new conveniences and connected way of living. This book is for you if you are looking for business use cases for intelligent IoT across wide range of industries and scenarios.