Submit Abstract: Internet of things: Dystopian Artificial Intelligence, Black Boxes.

Internet of things: Dystopian Artificial Intelligence, Black Boxes.
Track chairs Alia Ghaddar (International University of Beirut), Fadi Yammout (International University of Beirut), Helena Nikonoli.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly integrated with the daily life real world. It is playing an essential role in the advancement of living spaces from smart buildings to smart cities. Beyond the current hype, IoT is undoubtedly affecting all sectors at a rapid pace: companies, industries, and the economy. This track looks to address the critical role that IoT plays in the next generation information and communication systems. The aim is to highlight the opportunities that IoT creates for new products, services, and business models and how people harness its potential (creating smarter products, delivering intelligent insights and providing new business outcomes).
AI technology merges with the IoT from smart thermostats to wearable healthcare devices to smart-camera and server for surveillance systems integrating AI face-recognition capable of detecting gender, age, and emotions. Every image uploaded to the internet is first seen by a machine’s eyes before human ones, we can say the same about many devices within the Internet of Things: many streams from IP-cameras are processed by machine vision: registered, analyzed, recognized, or even judged. And very soon, all content and information from the physical world captured by the ubiquitous IoT devices will be perceived by AI cloud processing. IoT is not a merely a step towards smart cozy houses and cities, but rather a means to gather data of our presence and actions in the physical world.

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