Steve Ranger; The Internet of Things is at risk: Can HyperCat come to the rescue?

Source: „A group of companies has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing standard which, it hopes, will level the playing field and give small businesses and chance to compete with the giants of tech.
More than 40 organisations — including ARM, BT, IBM, and a number of startups and universities — have been working on a project, funded with £6.4m by the government's Technology Strategy Board, to allow sensors and devices to share data much more easily.
They've dubbed the result — an open catalogue specification that allows applications to discover and make sense of data automatically — HyperCat. The group hopes that it can encourage an open-standards-based IoT rather than one where that data is either is stuck in silos or accessed only via the proprietary formats and APIs of the big players.

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