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The Digital Single Market (DSM) is aimed at boosting Europe’s competitiveness throughout multiple industrial and service sectors.  Five priority domains are highlighted as the building blocks of the DSM: 5G, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Big Data. The emergence and continuous evolution in these domains compels the establishment of common standards to guarantee interoperable and benchmarked services and technologies to drive the DSM, keep markets open, support innovation and allow a full-service portability. analyses how to bolster EU’s presence in these domains and importantly, the business impact of digital transformation on industry & consumers in strategic sectors such as eHealth, smart energy, intelligent transport systems & advanced manufacturing., “Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT”, addresses the need for ICT Standardisation and defines a pragmatic approach and streamlined process to reinforce EU expert presence in the international ICT standardisation scene.  Through a Standards Watch, will analyse and monitor the international ICT standards landscape and liaise with Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) and Standard Setting Organisations (SSOs), key organisations such as the EU Multistakeholder Platform for ICT Standardisation as well as industry-led groups, to pinpoint gaps and priorities matching EU DSM objectives. These will become the topics for a series of 10 Open calls focused on priority domains and a continuous cascading grants process, launched by from March 2018, providing support for European specialists to contribute to ongoing standards development activities, and attend SDO & SSO meetings.

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