Special Collection on Smart Objects for the Internet of Things International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks

Every day the need for objects to be smart, with enough intelligence and sensors to perform required operations, increases. These objects must be able to communicate wirelessly with other nodes or remote centres in their network, exchanging information and receiving instructions in a reliable and secure way. They must be autonomous, capable of managing the energy resources in order to extend their lifetime span. Considered objects may include everything from lightweight sensors to smart-gadgets like smartphones, drones, and wearable devices.

The increased ‘smartness’ of the participating objects is crucial to solve the issues derived from the required cooperation, possible unpredictability and intense mobility. Objects can move in many different ways, covering transportation means that are (i) terrestrial, like cars or trains, (ii) aerial like drones or planes, or (iii) underwater, such as ships. But even static objects should be flexible enough to efficiently handle on-off patterns imposed for energy savings.

This special collection focuses on experiences with the design, implementation, deployment, operation and evaluation of novel communication approaches and systems for smart objects in the emerging Internet of Things context. We are therefore seeking original papers empirically addressing key issues and challenges in the mobile smart objects arena.