Shelburne Vineyard Relies on Wireless Sensors and the Cloud to Monitor its Vines

Source: „Shelburne Vineyard has recently deployed a wireless environmental sensing system to monitor key conditions during the growing season. Monitoring temperature lows during the spring and fall is critically important to ensure that grapes are not damaged by frost. During the last week of April in 2012, a cold snap threatened the health of Shelburne Vineyard’s newly budding Marquette crop. ....The scalable network proactively monitors all the vineyard’s plant varieties and supports cost-effective condition based cultivation and harvesting.
This year, a mild Vermont spring made Shelburne Vineyard’s budding crop especially vulnerable to frosts. The Marquette grape is very hardy and can withstand Vermont’s cold winters, but once the grapes have formed buds, any dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit is very detrimental.  A cold snap during the last week of April exposed Shelburne Vineyards to temperatures dangerously close to this threshold.  At stake were 5 acres of vines, or roughly 15,000 bottles of wine.  Fortunately, the lowest temperature at vital locations in the vineyards was measured at 30.88 degrees Fahrenheit, so the vines survived."

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