Shawn Campbell: Military Security in the Age of the Internet of Things

Despite looming threats, trusted communications offer a glimmer of assurance.

Securing the cyber domain commands as much attention as it does effort and dollars—and yet, in spite of years of work to fortify enterprises, it is the fast-paced ecosystem known as the Internet of Things that gravely threatens the security of the world’s greatest military. With mere clicks on a computer, hackers have the knowledge and power to wreak havoc in the defense arena, with experts warning that it is just a matter of time before threats become realities, particularly in three distinctly vulnerable areas of vehicle safety, healthcare and supply chains.

Furthermore, it is important that an assured supply chain creates the hardware root of trust. Otherwise, if compromised, the entire infrastructure is at risk. The IoT, well on its way to not just becoming a reality but overtaking day-to-day living, gives military and civilian agencies keener insight and control over critical functions and operations. An estimated 50 billion uniquely identifiable connected devices will be deployed globally by 2020, according to the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress. It is a game changer, and part of playing the game involves ensuring the devices are secure. The volume of Internet-connected data and devices will grow by enormous proportions, making it essential to create a base of secure, trusted and reliable data.

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