rvK: Security then is not on device or service level but on society as a whole.

Security then is not on device or service level but on society as a whole.

My talk in the ENISA session @ EU Cyber Forum, Monday 15.04

1. #IoT is an ontological change. Our old words are deceptive:

A Chain
is a
Value model

And tools no longer work. Regulate and fine needs to be complemented with a real systematic approach.

2. The most serious repercussions will be in retail and consumer spending as IoT goes to item level.

Products themselves will be location aware - or if not them, hen all other actors in the system will be aware of their presence. This is great for recycling and resource management but in our current system favoring private investment and privatization of core tasks of public government this will lead to full dynamic pricing on any item, good or service in under 5 years.

This leads to the observation that the algorithms that determine the price of you and me should be back in public hands, or this will mean the end of the state as representative democracy itself, as there is no more agency of any public actor on socio-economic issues.

3. This then leads us to realizing the only actor with a proper response to the digital transition is China and we must follow its lead to build a 500 million zone.

Now we have lost the first battle, data, (we do not have huge data lakes), we have lost the second battle, platforms, (Mindsphere runs partly on Amazon). If we lose the third step where the fight is on now, AI running in Big Data, Europe is fully incapable of steering its own destiny. It will keep regulating till the institutions that do regulation are in ruins. Even priests need some props to back up their credibility.

Security then is not on device or service level but on society as a whole. And our task is very difficult. In France over 60% of all traffic cameras have been destroyed. And we have to convince citizens that our technical solutions are good and working for, not against, them.

In the Next Generation Internet Initiative in which I am a partner in the Strategy CSA we are trying to bring these urgencies to civil servants and politicians who do not get it and if they do they realize they will be out of the job there are in now.

We are also trying to establish trust between different communities of practice, from hackers to the police. This remains difficult. Currently one of our team members in the DECODE flagship project, the Swedish national Ola Bini, is in an Ecuadorian prison on account of "traveling too much to neighboring countries and reading technical books". We expect the EU to pressure Ecuador hard on his account.

We need to build a third way in between surveillance and national value bubbles. Europe can build the best balance between the necessary centralization of the infrastructure and decentralization of services. For this to happen, you and me, now need to become more political. Not in starting a party, that model is dead, but in taking over full capabilities not simply on wearables, smart homer, connected cars and smart cities, but on the level of society itself.

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