RvK: The IoT as the only solution to Climate Change

....Phronesis, that knowledge that any one of us uses daily in the practice of living his everyday existence, was not recognized as an important domain of knowledge with a modern linguistic equivalent.
This is an important shift and it explains our current situation. There is no organic bond between the pure intelligences that make up the full knowledge framework: the theoria thinkers, the techno system developers and praxis philosophers. All three of them are necessary to create full and rich trust frameworks and stories for those intelligences that complete the knowledge framework in acting and doing and testing: the applied episteme trial and error, the particulate type of techniques (applications and services) in poesis and the daily knowledge of the way the weather affects the people and animals and saying hello to that neighbor in the street or ‘performing’ that cake recipe of your grandmpother.
It all needs to come together. A society is not a society if one part is missing.
Especially a society that has simplified its vision on action and doing and thinking in the relationship between theory and practice, which was never a juxtaposition. Losing the detailed and intricate relationships between three types of intelligences that stand NEXT to each other and are EQUALLY important has caused all the confusion that we feel...

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