Russian experience of using blockchain is available in English

3/04/2021 - 09:02

An international version of the blockchain knowledge base is now available on the ICT.Moscow portal. The new thematic section will be useful for analysts, ‘smart city’ experts and developers of blockchain projects for finding new scenarios and partnerships.

The database contains over 50 current Russian cases of technology application in various industries and business processes, a showcase of Moscow solutions and market analytics.

52 Russian blockchain application practices are divided into 11 categories: FinTech, Public sector, Industry and Energy, Logistics and Transport, Retail, MedTech, E-document flow, EdTech, HR-Tech, Real estate and other.

The largest number of cases is presented in the FinTech category - 16, and in Public sector - 13.

Six projects implemented by the Moscow government, including remote electronic voting, confirmation of the immutability of applications for participation in weekend fairs and the time of their submission, and providing deferred payment in exchange for the assignment of receivables to the participants of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, are also included in the knowledge base.

The portal also has a catalog of ready-made blockchain products from Moscow developers. It contains 37 solutions. Market analysis on the technology is also presented here.

The project was created with the participation of the IT Department of Moscow Government and will be regularly updated.

“The knowledge base will provide opportunities for the world community to study the Russian experience of using blockchain from the state and the private sector and find new partners among Moscow developers,” - says Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Moscow Government, head of the IT Department of Moscow Government.

Earlier, ICT.Moscow published an expert column dedicated to the process of organizing remote electronic voting using the blockchain in Moscow in 2020: In the spring of 2021, a section with Moscow smart city projects will be launched on ICT.Moscow.