Rudy De Waele

Rudy De Waele

Rudy de Waele is a digital transformation strategist, keynote speaker, and author. He assists companies to improve their business using technology. His unparalleled experience, knowledge and insight, propels leaders to stay ahead of the technology game whatever their sector; by providing his clients with targeted advice and strategies to transform their business.

Over the past 20 years, Rudy worked with several startups and has coached CXOs on how to unpack grassroots innovations that pose a risk to core business and how to predict staying ahead of the early adopter to mass-market conversion. He has helped diverse global brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, Louis Vuitton, PayPal, Samsung and World Bank.

His latest book shift 2020 – How Technology Will Impact Our Future delivers impactful insights into how future influences such as wearables, IOT, robotics and AI will have on our collective daily lives and includes foresights by some of the world’s leading technology experts from Google, Kickstarter, Microsoft, Spotify, and Telefonica.

Rudy is a graduate from Singularity University and he has developed more than 200 leading industry events across more than 50 cities globally such as shift 2020 events, Mobile Mondays, AppCircus, Wearable Wednesdays and IoT Stars.

Known internationally as a thought leader in Mobile 2.0 where he was a proponent of open innovation and the development of the app economy ecosystem, he lectures regularly at top technology conferences. Rudy is a Belgium native currently based in Cambridge, UK.