Roger Kay: Endpoints Vs. The Internet Of Things

Source: „Last week on Twitter, a few friends of mine, IT industry analysts and journalists, were tossing around the conversational ball.  We were debating terminology — The Internet of Things — that has come into common usage recently and is being tugged at and morphed by an increasing number of interested parties.
The question started with Ben Pimentel, a reporter for MarketWatch, who asked, “What will we eventually call it: ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘Internet of Everything’?”  I jumped in and noted, “Used to be plain ol’ embedded; suited me fine. U want Internet of something? Have at it.”
At that moment Ray Wang, Constellation Research Founder, said, “digital endpoints :)”  Then, given that my firm is named Endpoint Technologies Associates and that I am always promoting the use of the term “endpoint” in any context, I had to come back with, “I think Ray is onto something ;)”
Pimentel pointed out that “Digital Endpoints would be shorter, easier to fit in headlines :)”  (For some reason, everyone felt the need to keep those digital grins on.)”

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