Rob van Kranenburg: Trying to make early sense of #IoT

As a result of aiming for the safe default, the key themes and cultural and political views that are shaping our environment at the moment are fear, insecurity, and lack of safety. And this undermines other messages the public is getting. For instance, in communicating with the public, mobile industries use the image of a person surrounded by power stations, with connecting nodes that give the person “agency”/power. Security industries use exactly the same image, but in their case the “agency” lies with the nodes rather than the person. Yet in both cases the underlying idea is the same: you need to distribute yourself - or your data - into the environment. Pervasive computing, location based services, RFID (Radio Frequence Identification), are the necessary and logical next step in connectivity. From the pencil onwards technology has been about distributing data in an environment. But who is going to distribute themselves into an environment that is, as you are constantly being reminded, unsafe?

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