Rob Bamforth: Vital ingredients in the Internet of Things bake off

Source: "It is getting hard to find presentations, press releases, or events in the ICT sector that make no reference to the fabled Internet of Things, or M2M (machine to machine) to give it an older, slightly more techie, hype handle. It's everywhere (as some of the press releases might even say) but still too much of the emphasis is on futuristic technology - admittedly sometimes very shiny or with sci-fi styling - rather than business benefits.
This is nothing new for the technology sector, but for IoT to really take off, the story has to move on. Today, the main word that accompanies the phrase IoT is 'platform'. What this tells you is that everyone thinks that everything is going to be connected, but they have not quite worked out what for. This brings up an important issue for IoT - what are the other prime considerations in the cost benefit equation?
Unlike the 'Internet of People', where the distractions and diversions of browsing, entertainment, advertising and communication for no reason other than to say 'hi' form a large amount of the traffic (and derived value, especially for service providers), the 'things' on the internet have little need for such ephemeral IP packets. They want data with specific meaning, for a purpose or application, and often nowhere near as much of it as the average user surfing for content. However this data has to be more reliably delivered and the price point has to be sufficiently low to encourage the connection of 'everything' or at least as many things as possible."

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