Raunak Rhishabh

Raunak Rhishabh

IoT engineer at Magic Oak IoT solutions

My educational objectives include acquiring an in-depth of electronics while working on projects related to practical applications to make that knowledge useful in daily life. During the years of my graduation, I have gained practical knowledge and hands-on experience on Arduino and ESP8266 (Internet of Things) while working on several projects such as:-

·       Monitoring and controlling PLC through android phone using IoT
·       Real-time face recognition using LBPH algorithm
·       Controlling Robotics hand using Image Processing.
·       Home automation using Internet of Things
·       Remote surveillance camera using IoT
·       Controlling 3 phase Induction motor using IoT
·       Hotel and Smart home automation
·       Hand – gesture
·       Robotic Arm
·       DTMF controlled home appliances
·       Street automation
·       Remote control car

Apart from this stream, I have an interest in programming languages like C, C++, C#, Python in various environments. In addition to diverse academic projects, I’ve also been part of several extra-curricular activities in the college. I was the coordinator of Robotics Club and Technical Head of THAR 2K17, a state level technical fest hosted by Rajasthan Technical University. I’ve also been a trainer of Robo-Cosmos and gave Robotics workshops in schools and colleges.

I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set.