Rajashree Rao: articles on 5G

The International Telecommunications Union or ITU the Geneva-based a United Nations body that governs issues concerning information and telecommunication technologies has said: 2020 will be the target year for completing the international standardisation of 5G technologies. It will pave the way for its mass adoption of next-generation 5G services promised to deliver not just faster phones and video but also connected cars and Internet-connected industrial senses over the next decade.

5G offers massive potential for both industry and the consumers with the prospect of being considerably faster than any of the existing technologies. 5G holds the promise of application with the socio-economic value, leading to a "hyper-connected society" in which smartphones will play an ever critical role in every individual's life.

1. 5G The Next Wave of Wireless
2. Advancement in 5G
3. The impact of 5G on Global Industries


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