Quinten Stokkink Dick Epema Johan Pouwelse: A Truly Self-Sovereign Identity System

11/06/2021 - 12:56

Digital identity is essential to access services such as: on- line banking, income tax portals, and online higher education. Digital identity is often outsourced to central digital identity providers, introducing a critical dependency. Self-Sovereign Identity gives citizens the ownership back of their own iden- tity. However, proposed solutions concentrate on data disclo- sure protocols and are unable to produce identity with legal sta- tus. We identify how related work attempts to legalize identity by reintroducing centralization and disregards common attacks on peer-to-peer interactions, missing out on the strong privacy guarantees offered by the data disclosure protocols. To address this problem we present IPv8, a complete system for passport- grade Self-Sovereign Identity. Our design consists of a hierar- chy of middleware layers which are minimally required to es- tablish legal viability. IPv8 is comprised of a peer-to-peer mid- dleware stack with Sybil attack resilience and strong privacy through onion routing. No other work has offered an opera- tional prototype of an academically pure identity solution with- out any trusted third parties, critical external services, or any server in general.