PYMNTS: Why It’s Time For Retail To Stop Experimenting With IoT, And Start Implementing It

Building out the future of retail Internet of Things (IoT) is complicated work, according to Mastercard SVP of Internet of Things Partnerships Stephane Wyper, because the options for IoT are evolving by the day with new devices and use cases springing up all over the horizon. It can be hard to know what path to pursue, Wyper told PYMNTS in a recent interview, when the paths ahead keep forking in novel ways.

It’s not a trend that seems likely to slow any time soon. In fact, according to the data PYMNTS IoT Tracker, it’s not only likely to continue, but likely to continue to pick up. There will be an estimated 18 billion IoT-connected devices on the market by 2018, with retail applications from groceries to yoga pants, to beer and beyond.

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