Program of MobiHoc 2018

This year’s MobiHoc has many interesting workshops, Keynotes, Tutorials and papers. Make sure to register and attend the conference!

Three Keynotes

  • Coded Caching for Content Distribution by Urs Niesen (Qualcomm-Flarion Inc.)
  • Cooperative Road Freight Transport: Opportunities and Challenges in Networking and Control by Karl H. Johansson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Wi-Fi Goes to Town: Techniques for Rapid Picocell Switching for Extreme Mobility by Kyle Jamieson (Princeton)


  •    1. Mobile Health
  •    2. Frontiers of Networks: Theory and Algorithms
  •    3. Experiences with the Design and Implementation of Smart Objects
  •    4. Mobile IoT Sensing, Security, and Privacy
  •    5. Networking and Cybersecurity for Smart Cities (SmartCitySecurity 2018)

Blockchain Technology and Applications


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