Pravo IKT the first Serbian website dedicated to ICT Law

18/12/2013 - 13:04

Two Council members, Djordje Djokic and Dusko Martic recently launched PravoIKT, the first Serbian website dedicated exclusively to ICT law.
Unsatisfied with the degree of development of this legal branch on a national level, and the fact that as a consequence fundamental human rights such as privacy, personal data protection, etc. are not being adequately protected, Djordje and Dusko decided to contribute to the progress of ICT law in Serbia.
PravoIKT addresses new, disruptive technological developments such as Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. The primary goal of the initiative is to raise awareness about benefits and importance the Internet of Things and other disruptive technological phenomenons may bring as well as to help avoiding possible pitfalls. The idea is to create momentum for bottom-up approach to much needed legislative changes by providing constructive, useful insight and expertise.
Created as an open platform where anyone willing to share experience and know-how may contribute, PravoIKT will develop an ICT law knowledge base in Serbian language and provide current, relevant information on legal issues related to privacy, data protection, internet of things, cloud computing, and ICT law in general.
The PravoIKT website may be useful not only to lawyers, but to public servants and non-governmental sector as well. It addresses the issues related to the ongoing transformation of Serbian legal system during the EU accession process.
We think that in this time of reform, one of the key elements of success is to have public debate on questions relevant to the introduction of new legal safeguards and transposition of acquis communautaire in national legal system. As wide as possible public participation is needed especially when it comes to Internet of things, as it produces the most profound impacts on our societies.
In order to deliver concrete results, engage the public and draw attention to our cause we plan to organise a series of webinars, live talks, and other dissemination activities. We want to get the word out and to network with relevant EU and international organisations such as Council, top EU NGOs working in this field, and individuals willing to participate.
We are open to propositions for collaboration. You may visit out website, %20contactImage removed.pravoikt [dot] org (contact us via email), subscribe to our rss feed (mostly in Serbian), or follow our Twitter. Along with Serbian, we also speak English and French, and are happy to hear from you.
Djordje Djokic and Dusko Martic