Pierre Métivier

Pierre Metivier
A French citizen by birth and a world citizen by heart, Pierre Métivier is the General Manager of the Forum des services mobiles sans contact (contactless mobile services), a French government backed up association, aiming at the deployment of NFC mobile services in France. The Forum brings together all the main public and private players in the NFC ecosystem and coordinates global NFC mobile services discussions. Pierre is also the editor of  "Avec ou sans contact", an industry leading blog  (in French) dedicated to innovation and contactless technologies (from the QR code to the Internet of Things through RFID and NFC).  He is also a member of LaboCitoyen, an non-profit association aiming at linking science and citizens. CitoyensCapteurs is our first major projet, creating an open source air quality connected sensor network in order to measure and improve air quality. Finally, he is a regular visiting "project management" professor at the Rouen Business School. Before joining the Forum SMSC, Pierre has been part of the launch and development of two major technology development : micro-computers (Commodore, Apricot, Borland) and the Internet (CompuServe and AOL), as  Product Marketing executive in France, Europe and the US. Twitter : PierreMetivier