Peter Waterhouse: Beware Of The Internet Of Things' Despicable Side

Source: „Securing a network of connected devices and intelligent systems carries a hefty new price for IT professionals: personal safety. With John Chambers' Internet of Everything vision from CES 2014 and Google's acquisition of Nest Labs ringing in my ears, it's easy to get carried away with the promise of connected smart gadgets and embedded systems. But despite the hype and hyperbole with the Internet of Things, it is expected to generate tremendous economic value -- as much as $6.2 trillion annually by 2025, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.
Beyond the dollar signs, what I find exciting are examples where connectedness actually improves the lives of people. I'm not talking about a smartwatch telling me how I can burn extra calories, or my toothbrush dutifully reminding me my teeth need an extra polish. But rather innovation focused on improving the quality of life for people who often have no access to valuable technology.”

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