Peter Fries:: IoT-A Newsletter Number 2

Working on and in the Internet of Things means working for the society of tomorrow. Smart and connected objects will relieve us from rou- tine burdens and beam us to a different world of real being and virtual reality with new living and working environments. Given the self-organising nature of the Internet of Things, creation, development and evolution will happen in a more chaotic and simultaneous manner. Notions of control and closed environments will be superseded by flexible response and permanent learning and adaption.

IoT-A is the master flagship for investing into the Internet of Things building blocks and cross- federating platforms – reference architectures frameworks are fundamental for big data pro- cessing, security& privacy, and cloud-based ser- vices. As part of the IERC - Internet of Things European Research Cluster, it is now the right moment in time to convince a larger audience about the potential of the Internet of Things.
Peter Friess, IoT-A Project Officer European Commission, DG CONNECT