Paulo Rosa

Paulo Rosa is an engineer and researcher with a passion for digital technologies. He is currently finalising his Ph.D. thesis in Digital Media at the New University of Lisbon, under the UT Austin-Portugal doctoral program. In his Ph.D. research, Paulo explores how Printed Electronics is fostering novel solutions for the Internet of Things by enabling the production of extremely thin, flexible and cost effective electronic circuits. It is established as well a connection with Personal Fabrication and the Maker movement, and how these can promote a new vision for the Internet of Things through the democratization of technology.
Before starting his Ph.D., Paulo worked at Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. His main research focus were on development of innovative information and communication technologies for science communication and awareness raising of complex environmental issues; the design and implementation of virtual citizen participatory methods; and the development of online interactive applications to extended governance initiatives in areas of risk governance and sustainability.