Paul Ebeling: The Internet of Things , 99% Of All Things Are Still Not Connected

Source: "The “Internet of Things” refers to the phenomena of every conceivable item from glasses and watches to kitchen devices and home security to cars being controlled and connected by what has quickly become the ubiquitous Internet.
John Chambers, the Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) delivered a Keynote speech at the CES, and his presentation focused directly on the theme of the show: The Internet of Things: Where the Money Lies.
Mr. Chambers participation and focus on the extraordinary prospects going forward heights the buzz on Wall Street as the major firms try to Key which companies are set to benefit the most.
They say the Key theme at CES this year is the Internet of Things.
While they believe there is a large degree of hype and most of the new devices will not generate significant revenue now, they agree that wearable devices and home automation categories have already begun to gain traction.
In a report out Wednesday the technology team at Piper Jaffray has listed their top picks."