Paul Dekkers: SURFnet and institutions explore the Internet of Things

SURFnet wants to give more people in education and research the chance to become acquainted with the Internet of Things, for example by teaching workshops on the LoRaWAN technology and by supporting institutions that want to experiment with the LoRaWAN infrastructure.

LoRaWAN facilitates the Internet of Things
LoRaWAN is a (low-power) long-range network that facilitate Internet of Things applications. Currently, LoRaWAN gateways can already be found at Utrecht University, Leiden University and Delft University of Technology.

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences challenges users
The first LoRaWAN gateway at Utrecht Science Park (the Uithof) has now been installed outside, high on top of a Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) building. HU wants to use this to provide LoRaWAN cover to the entire campus, and in doing so challenge all users to explore the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Moreover, SURFnet is testing whether this raised gateway can really provide cover for the entire campus.

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