Pascal Geenens: Battle of the IoT bots - How IoT Changed the DDoS Threat Landscape

Cyber Security in Media
12u30 - 17u30

52 B Auguste Reyerslaan
1043 Brussel


2017 may already be defined as the year of IoT threat.

With millions of vulnerable IoT devices directly accessible on the internet, a new breed of botnets have emerged which affected the DDoS threat landscape as the economy of the attack. For the price of a coffee, anyone can now order and perform DDoS attacks with the ability to disrupt services and online businesses for hours, days or even weeks. The number and volume of DDoS attacks have grown into a global threat that impacts everyone with an online presence. Be it for ransom, competitive edge, hacktivism or retaliation by disgruntled customers and employees.

Spawned from last year's Mirai botnet, the IoT threat landscape has become so vast that vigilante bots are now purposefully destroying vulnerable devices. IP cameras, DVRs, routers are enslaved and taking part in armies of bots which benefits its herders millions by selling DDoS-as-a-Service packages, while grey hats are looking for unconventional solutions to solve an unconventional problem.

Join to learn about the impact of IoT on the economy of the DDoS attack and how it affected the DDoS threat landscape. Discover the most common exploits and vulnerabilities abused by current IoT bots and the unconventional solution provided by vigilante bots.

Understand how the current state of IoT makes you a potential target for DDoS and how to protect against these new threats.


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