Padcraig Belton: Astrocast joins a growing IoT space race

24/06/2021 - 11:25

The idea of picosatellites and nanosatellites providing everywhere, all-the-time connectivity, for everything from shipping containers and cars and cows, has fueled a new race to space. Startups joining the new field include Palo Alto-based Swarm Technologies, which now has 36 of its planned 150 SpaceBee picosatellites already launched.
Another Palo Alto startup, Skylo, has this month teamed up with the UK's Inmarsat to use its existing satellites to deliver commercial narrowband IoT-over-satellite. Skylo has been hard at work with dealmaking lately. It also struck a deal last month with Japan's SoftBank Corp to launch satellite communications services for Internet-connected commercial IoT in Japan next year.