Open IoT Newsletter

Open IoT Newsletter: "The Internet-of-Things is going to change the landscape of future software systems. Beyond the hype and excellent prototypes in many domains, however, there is work to do for software companies and software developers to create real applications. Quickly innovating new products in this area means a significant competitive advantage by defining – and often “owning” – the market in a domain. A lack of knowledge and therefore perceived risks in adopting Internet-of-Things are key barriers towards its use by SMEs. Another reason for this may be the still high development costs across a number of very specialized domains inside and outside of IoT, which are necessary to come up with a successful product – although few SMEs see this as a show-stopper.

This newsletter is to keep all stakeholders informed of the status of OpenIoT project. Main achievements lately have been the design of the OpenIoT middleware platform, first implementations of core components and their integration with Global Sensors Networks (GSN) and Linked Sensors Middleware (LSM), ontologies to describe objects and semantic interactions, and a study of data privacy and security of IoT applications in the Cloud. The articles in this newsletter provides further details and pointers."