Open Call 3: TagItSmart! is looking for tools to create smart solutions for the whole value chain

In Open Call 3, we are targeting two very specific areas and applications: Industrial Internet (IIoT, Industry 4.0) and innovative and opportunistic concepts and models that should facilitate and hasten a European product passport.

For the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), we want focus on scale and real world business uptake. For the product passport, we want innovative models that use all available European current eID integration to bring the product passport as a de facto standard and to influence EP policy makers to put it on the same table as Digital Single Market. Additionally, we want to integrate the TIS platform with existing product databases in order to bootstrap the product passport.

Similar to Open call #2, in this final open call we are looking for pilots that will take place in a real environment with end users actively involved. TagItSmart components and smart tags have to be used and have to represent a core component of the pilot implementation.

There are no prescribed or preferred industrial use cases – manufacturing use cases in all domains are welcome.

When it comes to the product passport topic, we are looking for proposals which will leverage TagItSmart functionality to create a product passport solution and validate it with a limited number of stakeholders/users. Information available at the following link can be helpful.

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