Ola Bini outstanding contributor to innovative free and open source software solutions for privacy detained in Ecuador

...Ola Bini is a recognized Free Software developer and an active contributor to the Free Software communities. Aside from his activities as a developer, he has organized workshops for activists and journalists in defense of their privacy. Jillian York, director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the most important human rights organization on the internet in the USA) declared that she has known Ola for many years and that “his arrest by Ecuadorian authorities is shocking” and it appears to be part of a “witch hunt”.3 The Association for Progressive Communications, APC, issued a press release referring to the arrest of the Swedish programmer: “We are afraid we are witnessing the beginning of a political persecution and criminalization of activists whose work is crucial to preserve our democracy.”


Ola Bini is a cybersecurity professional on the advisory board of  the flaghship European project DECODE (grant nr 732546) on advanced  cryptographic and privacy by design research for data ownership and technological sovereignty (see https://decodeproject.eu). The  illegal detainment of Ola Bini is damaging research lead at the European Commission. As technical coordinator of the project I am  deeply concerned by his incarceration and tampering with his professional possessions, which may also contain confidential n materials belonging to our project. His detainment is not only unjustified, but is producing serious damage to European scientific research. This statement is also approved by DECODE general coordinator Francesca Bria.

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