No predictions from INEX Advisors, a parable and prescription for the Internet of Things

Source: "Lets start the conversation about how all well-intentioned, hardworking, decent people can win in IoT-enabled markets.  On a planet where real and virtual worlds are integrated and anyone and perhaps anything can be connected.  When the limits of our best systems thinking – free market economics, democracy, conservation, energy, urban development, education, population health – are being tested.
To be clear, I am a capitalist. I love free markets and democracy. I know we can define better applications of both. I think IoT can be the lever we pull together to realize the better versions of capitalism and democracy; and human rights, conservation, energy, national security, water security, food security, transportation, urban development and more.
But not if we limit our conception of it, or the systems within which we might deploy it."
The potential of the Internet of Things – the kid in the car — is so much greater than automating manual tasks or filling advertising intelligence inventories. Yet those are the dominant themes one reads about in IoT today

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