Nikkei: ICT Leaders Predict An 'Internet Of Things'

25/06/2012 - 11:41

TOKYO (Nikkei) "Business leaders in the global ICT industry said Monday that the future of society will be characterized by an "Internet of things" brought forth by 4G cell phone networks. Speaking at the Global ICT Summit, Verizon Wireless U.S.A. Executive Director Humphrey Chen said this would mean cars, stores and other products and businesses becoming "smart."
Chen illustrated this by describing a visit to a store of the future.

"As soon as I enter the building, my mobile signal tells the store information about me," Chen said.
He argued that this would allow stores to deal with customers in the same way online companies such as do, which means better services.

The insides of devices in the "Internet of things" will need to be more efficient, consume less power and perform multiple tasks.
This is where Qualcomm is focusing, with the development of its Snapdragon chips.

"Snapdragon is everything in a single chip; all the pieces needed to make mobile experience better," said Qualcomm Japan President Clifford Ficke. "By putting everything on a single chip, we save power."

One company that has risen fast in 4G technology is China's Huaweui, which "applied for 41,000 patents last year," said Oliver Wu, who heads device business for Huawei Technologies Japan K.K.

Wu argued that despite the fast rise of his company, it does not aim to just swallow the Japanese market share. For example, "About 70% (of components in some Huawei devices) will be made in Japan," he said."