NGI Impact Conference. Explore divergent futures and discover how you can help shape a better tomorrow.

16/09/2021 - 10:17

Discover how alternative economic systems, rooted in real-life scenarios and writ large, would work in complex societies. Discuss what potential exists for new, sustainable technologies - especially those that might be critical in bringing about more resilient futures.

NGI Impact Conference - Why participate?

On November 29thThis Autumn, at the Next Generation Internet Impact Conference, Edgeryders will unveil Witness, the game; an innovative way of exploring how internet technologies might exist within alternative economies and societies. This furthers our goal of exploring and building desirable futures.
The NGI focuses on transforming the Internet of Today into a more inclusive, secure, and equitable internet for all. A better internet empowers human creativity and mobility; enables us to increase the potential of creating viable solutions for responsible usage of natural resources.
In reality, we continue to be challenged by the limitations of futures made up of the ingredients of today. This discourages us from thinking divergently, even freely, on ways to enable or build better alternative policies. Policies that would help humanity to build thriving, resilient societies that can survive externalities like market failures and pandemics.