Next Generation Internet - think tank driven with knowledge from Aarhus, Barcelona, Netherlands, Graz

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Next Generation Internet - think tank driven with knowledge from Aarhus, Barcelona, Netherlands, Graz

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To start the European NGI MOVE, experts from four different countries met for the first time in the beautiful landscape south of Graz (Austria). The ambitious aim of the project is to develop a framework for a future internet - based on European values.

With Next Generation Internet (NGI) the European Commission seeks to promote the movement toward a human-centric internet. The multidisciplinary approach combines research, technology, law, economy as well as socio-economic factors. Target is not less than to restart a better internet for the future. In addition to top of the line knowledge from today the spirit of the European research facility CERN is to be revitalized in this connection. Aspired goal is the worldwide dissemination of new groundbreaking technology like 1989. Close attention is paid to create the necessary conditions to mobilise young talents, sustainable foundations for successful technology start-ups and a strong civil society.

For the NGI MOVE consortium itself, the first success is already registered. Winning the European call provides the team with 700.000 € of public research funding from the Horizon 2020 program. Experts from Denmark, Netherlands, Spain as well as Austria came together for kicking off the initiative in southern Styria. Dissemination Managing director Manfred Aigner is convinced: „If we are able to mobilise more of the best researchers and thinkers in Europe, we will be able to create a better internet for the people.“

The first meeting of the NGI MOVE consortium was crowned with far-reaching success. A series of NGI Salons and Co-Creation Workshops were presented. These formats will provide platforms for agile, flexible and succesful cooperation. The NGI community is looking forward to the first NGI Salon at the Smart City EXPO in Barcelona in November. As an upcoming highlight the NGI Award is already standing out. The prize will be awarded for ideas and projects able to shape the internet of the future. Launch of the Award is set at the 4YFN Barcelona, end of February 2018.


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NGI MOVE consortium:

Project coordinator: Mirko Presser (Aarhus Universitet, DK)
Manfred Aigner, Marta Arniani, Patrick Huiber, Björn Münnich (Unternehmensberatung für Dissemination e.U., AT)
Rob van Kranenburg, (Resonance Design, NL)
Jordi Arrufí, Noaa Barak (Fundacio Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation, ES)

For additional information contact: press at, Dr. Manfred Aigner

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