New Currents in Science: The Challenges of Quality 3-4 March 2016 , Ispra, Italy (extended deadline for abstracts is 29th January)

This is a reminder that if you wish to contribute to the workshop "New Currents in Science..."  with a statement or with an installation, the extended deadline for abstracts is 29th January COB. Please disseminate it to your colleagues.

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New Currents in Science:  The Challenges of Quality 3-4 March 2016 , Ispra, Italy (extended deadline for abstracts is 29th January)

Each sector of science now has distinct challenges of quality.  For scientific research, it is reproducibility; for application, consequences; for science advice, acceptability; and for the autonomous ‘citizen’ and ‘DIY’ sciences, governance.

This workshop will consider current challenges to quality assurance in science and their effects on the trustworthiness of science, as knowledge, in applications and in policy.  The challenges originate from the previous transformation from community-based ‘little’ science to industrial-scale ‘big’ science, which had effects on research-incentives and thus commitment and morale.

This workshop will be devoted to a review of these new tendencies, and to communication among them, exploring amongst others, how the insights of Post-Normal Science can contribute to their understanding and way out.

This is also the second meeting of the Post-normal Science community and network.

Practical guidance to contribute to this workshop:

The workshop is organised in the format of "Conversations". At this workshop, dialogue, making and doing are welcome! Hybrids of sciences and arts or other forms of knowing are appreciated.

Contributions should speak to the preamble above and the questions it raises; at the workshop they should be in the form of: short 10 minutes statements within conversations of not more than 4 participants.
interactive installations – beyond the poster, please…

Please send abstract of 150 words by 29 January 2016 to pns2016 at

Selection of statements and installations will be done within 1 February 2016.

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